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I think it [Bandersnatch] worked together well with the historical context of the piece, the topic of game programming, and with Black Mirror’s general topos of blurring the lines between fiction and reality, multiple realities, and metalepsis. Given the fact that it is an extremely smooth experience, it may well herald an era where interactivity becomes a more standard feature of streaming television, not least because TV audiences are increasingly diverging into binge-watching communal experiences (as with one-to-many, old-media TV networks) on the one hand, and highly personalized, individual viewing-playing experiences on the other – enabled by handheld devices. Part of what didn’t work out with the first generation of interactive cinema was the fact that you couldn’t make the choice feature work for large audiences; now media consumption and interaction behaviors are becoming a lot more varied on the scale between modular-individualized and collective-mass experiences. Surely, the gamification of everyday life also has a role to play in the revival of interactive movie/TV.


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